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Working Therapeutically with Touch:
Introduction to techniques for working psychotherapeutically with the physical and emotional structures of the body

About the course

The experience of distress can be understood from different perspectives: developmental, emotional, cognitive, spiritual and physiological. This course helps participants to develop their capacity to focus, observe and ‘tune in’ to the subtle physiological and energetic dimensions of affective life and provides an introduction to non-provocative ways of working with body processes.

The course provides a theoretical framework by which to understand this work and gives practical ‘hands-on’ training in how to help clients transform chronic patterns of emotional distress which are structured in the different tissues of the body. Participants are also assisted to deepen awareness of their own bodily experience and their own patterns of self-regulation.

The course draws significantly on the work of Gerda Boyesen who developed Biodynamic Massage - a subtle but powerful treatment which helps re-establish the capacity for self-regulation, greater spontaneity and aliveness and the ability to deeply rest.

Who is the course for

This course is for people who want to understand more about emotional processes and the body and to develop skills in working psychotherapeutically with somatic experience.

It will be of value to those who already have training and clinical experience in counselling or psychotherapy and who wish to increase their understanding and skills in this area. It will also provide an introduction to some aspects of somatic (body-oriented) psychotherapy for those who are considering professional training in this field and would like to know more about this area.

The course will also be of benefit to those who wish to take it for their own personal interest and development.

Hours: 45 hours of tuition/supervision
20 hours of practice in small groups (10 x 2 hour sessions)

The course is offered on one Saturday per month, 10am to 4pm
Course size will be limited.

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