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Marianne Kennedy

Marianne is a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor and is Director of the Somatic Psychotherapy Institute of Australia (SPIA). She is a registered psychologist and has extensive experience working in individual and group counselling and therapy in both the private and public sectors. She was a foundation member of the Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapists (AASP) and has also been actively involved in the Society of Counselling and Psychotherapy Educators (SCAPE) and in the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) since their inception.

Marianne has been involved in developing and delivering psychotherapy training programs professional development courses for over 15 years, including SPIA’s Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Graduate Certificate in Psychotherapy Studies. Her longstanding area of interest is the theoretical and clinical integration of contemporary body-oriented and relational psychoanalytic approaches in psychotherapy.



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Dr Eng Kong Tan

Eng-Kong is Founder-Director of Metta Clinic, a group practice of psychologists and psychiatrists in Pymble, Sydney. Dr. Tan is a former Chairman of Training to the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australia and Chairman of the Section of Psychotherapy of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. He was on the Training Advisory Board of NSW Inst. Of Psychotherapy and Faculty of Training of ANZAP.

Eng-Kong has taught and supervised in all the major cities of Australia and NZ and is well sought after as a speaker in the fields of psychotherapy, spirituality and meditation.




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Rosemary McIndoe

Rosemary is a psychologist and psychotherapist (Hakomi) specializing in body-centred approaches for chronic pain and trauma. She brings to her work a background in physiotherapy, teaching, research, meditation and hypnotherapy. Rosemary has trained in both Hakomi (Developmental) and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for trauma resolution. Hakomi, a body-centred psychotherapy combining the mindfulness and non-violence of Eastern spiritual traditions with a Western methodology, strongly influences her psychotherapy practice and her teaching. Her own experience of chronic pain following a car accident in the mid- eighties, led to her developing an integrated approach to self-management of chronic pain.

Rosemary is an experienced presenter at conferences, seminars and workshops and leads a training in Mindfulness-Based Core Process Therapy for health professionals.



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Bruce Stark

Bruce is an Advanced Instructor and Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy (a gentle, non-invasive form of therapeutic bodywork developed by an osteopath) and has been in practice since 1989. In addition to his private practice in Sydney, Bruce conducts training seminars throughout Australia and New Zealand for bodywork and allied health care professionals. He also specialises in anatomy and physiology courses for somatic psychotherapists.

Bruce served on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin Medical School for 12 years teaching medical interviewing and examination skills and he is a certified fitness instructor.




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Eva Papadopoulo

Eva is a psychotherapist and has worked in private practice since 1991. She began by establishing herself as a body-worker and later trained as a counselor and psychotherapist. Her psychotherapy training (with SPIA) included body-oriented, psychodynamic, developmental and relational orientations. These approaches provide the context for her interest in trauma and self-regulation and are fundamental to her understanding of the benefits of a body-mind approach in her clinical practice, group work and teaching. Her personal and professional interest in this approach is also inspired by many years experience in meditation, yoga, "Body Mind Centering" (BMC) and movement and theatre improvisation.

Eva has worked with many organizations offering stress and anger management training and has also had extensive experience in working with the impacts of chronic illness such as HIV and AIDS. She is currently on the faculty of “Openground”, which teaches mindfulness practice.


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