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Psychotherapy Training Program

This course is currently being revised. Please contact us for information about the next intake.

Aims of the Course

The Psychotherapy Training Program is structured to provide a sound professional and ethical base for psychotherapeutic practice.

The course offers a comprehensive training in the theory and practice of psychotherapy, drawing on psychodynamic, body-oriented, and intersubjective understandings of human process and of the therapeutic relationship.

In the training we also focus on the therapy process in its social and political context. We draw on infant research as well as contemporary theorizing about the therapeutic relationship.

The course aims to provide students with a thorough education in the theory and practice of psychotherapy, and opportunities to develop:

  • A broad theoretical base
  • A capacity to critique and integrate theory and practice
  • A strong grounding in verbal and body oriented psychotherapeutic skills
  • A sound understanding of ethical and professional standards of practice
  • Self knowledge from which to work as a psychotherapist

Course Structure and Pathways

The programme is designed to equip students to function as psychotherapists in private practice or in other professional environments.

It is a part time course consisting of:

  • 400 hours course work (face to face teaching) over 2/3 years
  • 40 hours self-directed learning group each year, for 2 years
  • 60 hours clinical supervision

The program consists of compulsory core subjects as well as a choice of elective subjects.

Core subjects:

  • Human Development
  • Therapeutic Relationship and Practice
  • Ethics and Values
  • Group Process
  • Psychotherapeutic Skills
  • Embodiment and the Self
  • Clinical Supervision (commenced in 1st or 2nd year of course, depending on individual readiness to begin practice)

Elective subjects:

Students choose one of the following elective subjects in the second year of the course (other electives may be added in the future):

  • Body-oriented Psychotherapy Practice
  • Studies in Infant Observation