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Educational Philosophy and Approach: Practice


Regular practice work within the training assists students to develop and appropriately use both verbal and body-oriented psychotherapeutic skills.

In the teaching of techniques and skills, we emphasise the importance of any therapeutic intervention being grounded in respect for and attunement to the client’s experience. Working in the roles of "therapist", "client" and "observer", students are able to practice specific micro skills and progressively draw on theory in understanding the work. They are also helped to sensitize and focus awareness on their own emotional and somatic responses. Formal theory and personal experience are increasingly drawn together, valuing both as legitimate sources of therapeutic inquiry. Students are asked to move between thinking and feeling, locating their own experience and being open to the "other’s" experience.

The development of psychotherapeutic skills and the process of integrating theory with practice are extended through work with clients and supervision of this work.