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Welcome to SPIA

SPIA, the Somatic Psychotherapy Institute of Australia has been established since 1993 and offers training programs and professional development courses in contemporary psychotherapy.

Orientation and Ethos

SPIA's orientation to psychotherapy is grounded in the belief that psyche and soma (body) form a single holistic entity: the bodymind. Thought, emotion and somatic experience are understood as inextricably linked, inter-functioning aspects of human experience.

Psychotherapy Training Courses

SPIA's psychotherapy training courses provide education and intensive professional training in a relational, developmentally based approach to the practice of psychotherapy.

The orientation is contemporary and highly integrative, drawing on the theory and principles of practice arising from current psychoanalytic, intersubjective and body-oriented psychotherapy approaches. It is also informed by the findings of recent neurobiological and infant research.

Professional Development and Other Short Courses

SPIA offers a range of professional development workshops and short courses at various levels. These courses may be undertaken to explore a personal interest, for professional development or as an entry pathway to professional training in psychotherapy.

The following courses were recently offered: