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 Embodiment in Practice

Applying the latest advances in mind/body research

Recent advances in neuroscience research, attachment theory and trauma studies highlight the deep and powerful interconnection of mind, brain and body. New approaches involving concepts such as "mindfulness" and "embodiment" offer exciting possibilities for enriching contemporary psychotherapy practice.

Drawing on the latest international research and theory from acclaimed writers such as Daniel Siegel, Allan Schore, Antonio Damasio and Daniel Stern, Embodiment in Practice is an experiential course which will enable you to integrate and apply these new findings to your current therapy practice.

This cutting edge professional development course is designed to increase your therapeutic effectiveness and deepen your awareness and attunement to clients’ experience. You will develop practical skills and understanding in working with embodied experience.

In the course you will have the opportunity to learn from highly experienced and innovative teachers, including Marianne Kennedy, Rosemary McIndoe, Eva Papadopoulo, Bruce Stark and Dr Eng Kong Tan, who bring a range of perspectives to this exciting field.

Saturday 22 July to Saturday 28 October 2006

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 Tracking Emotions in the Body: Listening to the language of the tissues

A weekend workshop with Bruce Stark and Marianne Kennedy

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 2006, 10am - 5pm

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