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Developmental Theory for Psychotherapy Practice

SPIA is offering a short course, over 60 hours, which provides a grounding in the study of human development theory for the practice of psychotherapy. The course gives an overview of some significant models of human development, including classical psychoanalytic theory, object relations, attachment theory and self psychological and intersubjective approaches to development. It also draws on contemporary somatic understandings of human development in the context of the findings of current neurobiological research.

In the course we reflect on the implications of these theories for the therapeutic relationship and process, as well as exploring the "world view" or values embedded in the different theories about what it means to be human and what is therapeutic.

Who is the course for

This course will be of particular value for those who have some training and experience in psychotherapy (perhaps having trained in another psychotherapeutic model) and who want to deepen their understanding of the contributions of psychodynamic developmental theory.

Bridging course

Completion of the course may also enable entry with advanced standing to the second year of the SPIA Psychotherapy Training Program for those who can demonstrate, through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process, a strong grounding in other aspects of the first year of the Psychotherapy Training Program syllabus.

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