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Educational Philosophy and Approach: The Learning Environment

A safe learning environment and the group process

In the training group, students are encouraged to participate in the emerging life of the student group, and also to develop and refine observational skills in relation to the group process. This provides an opportunity to deepen self-awareness, and increase awareness of the different ways in which people experience themselves and their relationships. It also gives the opportunity to experience and observe the dynamics of the group process over time. In this way the process of the group during the course is used to teach about both somatic and psychodynamic understanding human process.

Fostering a level of group cohesion, containment and continuity is considered to be part of developing a safe learning environment. Group Process provides a regular opportunity to deal with conflicts or issues that may arise within the group at an interpersonal level or which are raised by the training material. The value of this forum lies in the richness and diversity of experience and knowledge that is brought into the group. It is not structured as group therapy, and the process is contained and framed within an adult learning context.